The City of Milton will soon have a new family friendly gathering place when Uptown Koffee and Kafe, located at 2700 Milton Way, opens.
“A lot of people assume it’s a coffee shop, which it is, but to us it’s so much more than a coffee shop. It’s a place to come and sit and meet people and mingle and a place that has food and space for people to have gatherings,” Missy Fietz said.

Uptown Koffee Kafe is also an important business for the City of Milton. Working with the city, it is one of the first new businesses constructed through the vision of the city’s comprehensive plan, making it a perfect vanguard for new businesses entering the city.
“The collaboration has been great.  Them understanding the needs of the city and being flexible enough to work with us and for us to be flexible enough to work with the business, because we are all in this together, period. There is nothing that stops here and starts there. We are all overflow and we all need to flow together,” Mayor Debra Perry said.

Uptown Koffee Kafe represents a new generation of businesses coming to Milton that will enhance the uptown district and give it a unique identity. John and Missy broke ground on the shop winter 2016, and the building is slowly coming together, with a goal of being completed and open sometime in the summer.
“We’re really going for that rustic feel, a place where people feel comfortable,” John said.
Uptown Koffee and Kafe will also feature a drive-thru for people on the go.  There will also be outside seating for citizens looking for a more scenic view, including a rain garden Missy has developed.
The couple feels it is very important to be involved in the community, as they see the Kafe as a place where citizens can come together in a friendly environment to just hang out and catch up in their town.
“This is a beautiful example of stewardship, about being part of the community. If you want the support of the community you need to become part of it,” Perry said.
The Kafe will feature a second floor that can be used for events or large group gatherings, as well as business meetings, with things like a projector being provided. Keeping to the tune of being more than just a coffee stand, the Fietz family has a plan for food to be served.
“We’re going to have a breakfast menu and incorporate things you don’t get at fast food restaurants around here – Eggs Benedict, potatoes and gravy. Our lunch menu will be more gourmet sandwiches and soups,” Missy said.

Article written by DEREK SHUCK: